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Who we are

United Safe Environment Creators is a nonprofit community-based organization founded on November 2015 and got registered in October 2016 with registration number SCSDO/TRKW/CBO/BO-201 working in Kakuma refugee camp, in Turkana county, northern Kenya. The organization is made up of a team of compassionate youth refugees who aspire to transform the lives of refugee youth and vulnerable women through economic empowerment to promote social and economic welfare so that they may regain hope, be resilient, and fulfill their potential


Our vision is to have an enabling environment where people can take control, increase household income and become self-reliant


Our mission statement is to engage youth, men, and women in Livelihood activities and employability skills to Improve the standard of living and welfare


To establish a life skills base for youth, men, and women in order to enable them to handle life challenges.

To provide small farmers with agricultural inputs.

To establish sustainable water wells to increase access to water for irrigation

To equip farmers with the principles and knowledge on Conservation Agriculture as the sustainable acceptable way of farming

To provide permanent access to plentiful, nutritious food to the refugees and host community.

Awareness raising of waste’s negative effects on the Environment, the promotion of good waste management practices, and the contribution to the advancement of research in waste management

Related programs activities

In view of the above goals, the activities developed by USEC spread over 3 work programs; Livelihood, Education & Environmental Protection

Livelihood program

Under this program we help improve the quality of life for both refugees and host communities by providing them with access to livelihood opportunities; agricultural activities and employability skills to enhance their well-being.

Education program

Under this program, we currently focus on girl mentorship activities. Our main focus is to give young people a safe space to discuss the challenges they face while providing them with the knowledge they need to make better choices for themselves.

Environmental Conservation Program

The Project aims to reduce the final disposal of solid waste in landfills, promoting small, medium, and large entrepreneurs to recycle various materials and use organic waste to produce compost, in order to migrate to a more efficient and environment-friendly circular economy


USEC currently carries out its activities in Kakuma refugee camps and our area of reach will progressively expand to various regions of Africa especially rural areas that have fallen out of government concern.

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